Digital fingerprinting

In an effort to respond more effectively to clients’ needs, Groupe Sécuri-Check has partnered with Gambit Services d’identification, in order to offer digital finger printing services.

A Service that stands out globally

The service, offered in partnership with Gambit, differs from other similar offers worldwide because of its high quality thanks to:

  1. A fully automated service: you will receive notifications electronically;
  2. An accelerated processing time thanks to the automated process;
  3. Online payments;
  4. The ability to track the process in real time through the Gambit website.

Cases that require digital fingerprinting

Several situations might require one to have their finger prints taken. Below are some examples:
  • Obtaining a certified criminal record certificate in the USA;
  • Obtaining a certified criminal record certificate elsewhere in the world;
  • Obtaining a certified criminal record certificate for the RCMP;
  • Any requests regarding the Privacy Act request;
  • Background check prior to volunteer work;
  • Name change;
  • For Controlled Goods Program Registration & Compliance;
  • Adoption of a child(with no family history or ties) or kinship/relative adoption(with family ties);
  • For a Government of Canada Security Clearance in Support of the PSPC Contract Security Program;
  • Employment in the Provincial, municipal governments or private sector;
  • Submission of an application for suspension of a criminal record/pardon;
  • For Permanent Resident Status in Canada;
  • For Canadian Citizenship;
  • Application to the Department of Homeland Security to lift a ban on crossing the Canadian-US border due to past convictions(despite pardon or suspension of record);
  • For Foreign Visa application.

Different forms of fingerprinting

Gambit Services staff carry out the collection and submission of fingerprints in various ways.

It is indeed possible to take fingerprints electronically then scan and print them on a form. Even though most applicants prefer the simple and efficient digital process of fingerprinting, the traditional ink finger printing process is also available.

In fact, ink fingerprinting is still categorically required for foreign police checks and certain high-profile Canadian security services as well as in the case of individuals whose finger prints are deemed inadequate (low definition) for digital reading.

Processing time

The RCMP is able to process applications from individuals with no criminal record and send the results by post within three (3) business days including any additional time for mailing by Canada Post.

However, for individuals with criminal records, the RCMP requires a time limit of 120 days in order to process the verifications.

Requirements for fingerprinting

For majority of the cases, when you go for your interview, you will be required to present 2 valid ids issued by the government, one of which must have a photograph and a signature. However depending on the reasons for the finger prints, you may be required to provide additional documents.