Fraud in a company – employees

Did you know that in 2014, 25% of internal fraud cases within companies were responsible for the loss of an average of 1 million dollars in Canada alone?


Are we able to detect fraud and do we know all its forms?

Firstly, the 2 largest categories of cases of fraud are: theft of cash and time sheet fraud. An employee who has access to a cash register can steal money directly from the register or sell items without registering the sale in the system and in that way gets to pocket the cash.

Time sheet fraud simply consists of falsifying working hours entered in the employee time sheets. For example, an office employee who declares that their work day ends at 5 pm but leaves the office at 4.30pm from time to time, at the end of the year this can amount to a considerable sum of money overpaid in salaries.

The other form of fraud involves the disclosure of confidential information belonging to the employer or even the use of the company’s identity for fraudulent activities or getting bribes.

Did you know that the higher the employee’s position in the company, the more they are bound to discretion and loyalty to the company? Most certainly, every employee ought to be honest and loyal towards their employer but in the case of a high- ranking employee, since they have a higher responsibility in the company, an act of disloyalty would be regarded as a more serious and punishable offence.


As an employer, what should you do when faced with a case of internal fraud?

This is where Groupe Securi- Check comes in. As private investigators, we offer a variety of tools and services. First, a private investigator could carry out surveillance, infiltration at the work place or install hidden cameras. He could also propose interviews or interrogations or carry out polygraph tests.

The very first step is assessing the situation and narrowing down your needs. Groupe Securi- Check will accompany you throughout the process and that way, we will be able to guide you towards the appropriate services and tools that correspond to your particular case of fraud. We understand that each context is different and our approach is personalised which ensures the success of the process.

In the event of fraud or if in doubt, do not remain passive, call on the experts who will ensure confidentiality, discretion and professionalism.



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