Pre-Employment Health Check

Groupe Securi-Check puts a lot of importance in having an up-to-date approach and responding to clients’ requests to the best of their ability. Guided by this vision, Groupe Securi-Check is further expanding the variety of services by now offering pre-employment health checks.

In partnership with Biron Clinic, we are pleased to offer more to the pre-employment process by organizing medical tests for our clients.


Services offered

  • Comprehensive medical examination carried out by a doctor;
  • Psychological evaluation;
  • Visual examination;
  • Audiogram;
  • Physical evaluation carried out by a Kinesiologist;
  • Respiratory function examination;
  • Urine stick test;
  • Chest X-rays;
  • Drug tests;
  • … and much more

What does Groupe Securi-Check offer you?

As a company specializing in investigation, Groupe Securi-Check acts as the intermediary between your company and Biron Clinic. More specifically, we will be in charge of:

  • Contacting the candidates;
  • Organizing the medical appointments at the clinic within 48 hours of the request;
  • Follow-ups and organizing subsequent appointments;
  • Sending results by secured email.

Where is the Biron clinic located?

Biron Clinic is established in several locations in Québec: Brossard, Laval, Montréal, Trois-Rivieres, Québec and St Nicolas.
Throughout the rest of Canada, Biron Groupe is affiliated to various partner clinics. This great accessibility has once again, the ultimate goal of simplifying your life and improving the efficiency of services.

If you are not already familiar with Biron Clinic

Biron Groupe is renowned for its reliability, service delivery timeliness and efficiency. In fact it is a company with 60 years’ experience in the health sector. It specializes in conducting medical tests while respecting the highest standards of quality. The Biron clinic makes ongoing effort to acquire the most recent and up-to-date equipment and to remain at the forefront of new technology at the service of your health and your business. The Biron clinic provides its clients with a simple and fast appointment scheduling system and the same goes for the handling and transmission of the results.