Fingerprinting Revised

Electronic fingerprinting has several benefits and can be used in different circumstances, whether for professional or even personal needs. At Securi-Check, we are accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and are also recommended by the Sûreté du Québec.


An Efficient and Simplified Solution

Fingerprinting with ink is a method that we often see in the entertainment industry and is almost a thing of the past. Although it is still used today, new technology now allows fingerprinting to be taken digitally. In addition, ink prints are no longer supported by the RCMP. It is for this reason that the Securi-Check Group now offers the electronic fingerprinting service.


The Benefits of Taking Digital Fingerprints

With our state-of-the-art LiveScan CS500e fingerprint scanner equipment, the quality of fingerprints is enhanced: they are more precise and accurate. Our online appointment booking system allows you to reserve your time slot directly from our website. A confirmation email will be sent to you with all the relevant information before the time of your appointment.


Digital fingerprinting costs $60 before taxes, and a fee of $25 may apply for certain types of transactions. It is done from our offices in Montreal and Longueuil and the appointment typically lasts only 10 minutes. Upon arrival, you must absolutely present two pieces of identification from the following list. Concerning reception delays, if there is no correspondence with a criminal record, a wait period of about one to two weeks is required. In the case of manual processing or correspondence with a criminal record, there is a delay of up to 120 days.


However, some cases may have a longer delay if the information transmitted is incomplete or if clarification needs to be requested with the local police department. This process ensures that the information reported by the Canadian Criminal Real-Time Criminal Identification Services (CCRTIS) is complete and accurate. Results are then mailed to the address provided and additional time must be allowed for delivery by Canada Post.


Why Take Fingerprints?

Fingerprinting is a form of identification used by the federal government. This authentication technique is also used in contexts relating to justice, such as pardon applications, i.e. the suspension of a criminal record. However, electronic fingerprinting is also necessary for immigration, work or travel visas. It is a particularly beneficial resource for those outside the country who have to make urgent requests to the government. Conversely, people living here can also send their fingerprints to foreign governments.


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