Pre-employment medical examination

At Securi-Check Group we are committed to updating our operations and we always seek to respond to our clients’ needs to the best of our abilities. Guided by this vision, the Securi-Check Group is further expanding our range of services by offering pre-employment health checks.

In partnership with the Biron clinic, we are pleased to further strengthen the pre-employment screening process and to organize for you the medical tests.


Services offered

  • Complete medical examination by a doctor;
  • Psychological evaluation;
  • Visual assessment;
  • Hearing test;
  • Physical fitness evaluation by a kinesiologist;
  • Respiratory function evaluation;
  • Urine strip test;
  • Chest X-ray;
  • Toxicological screenings;
  • and much more.

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What Securi-Check Group offers you

As a company specializing in Investigations, Securi-Check is offering to bridge the gap between your company and the Biron Clinic. In other words, we take care of:

  • Contacting the candidates to be tested;
  • Organizing the appointment at the clinic, within 48 hours following the request;
  • Follow-up and arranging future appointments;
  • Communicating the results to you by secured email.

Where is the Biron clinic located?

The Biron clinic is present in several locations in Quebec: Brossard, Laval, Montreal, Trois-Rivières, Quebec City and St-Nicolas. In the rest of Canada, Biron Health Group is affiliated with several partner clinics. The main objective of this accessibility is to make your life easier and increase the efficiency of the services.


In case you are not already familiar with the Biron Clinic

Biron Groupe Santé distinguishes itself by its reliability, speed of service and efficiency. With 60 years’ experience in health care, it specializes in the carrying out health tests, in compliance with the highest standards of quality. The Biron clinic is consistently striving to equip itself with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and to remain at the forefront of new technology in the service of your health and your business. Biron Clinic has put in place a simple and quick appointment scheduling system as well as a system for processing and communicating results.

Djaz Baye
Djaz Baye
Très satisfait, l'agent est très courtois et très disponible. Merci encore
Joe Lassister
Joe Lassister
Ultra rapide et efficace.
Ross Szwec
Ross Szwec
À l'heure. Efficace. Merci!
Erick Rivest
Erick Rivest
Le préposé aux empreintes était super gentil, rapide et professionnel !!Photo avec un brin d'humour 😂



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