Group Securi-Check can assist you with your private investigations. This service is for companies, professionals and individuals all over Canada. Group Securi-Check specializes in investigations and providing evidence for various issues.

Our mission is to investigate, monitor, report and testify.


Our years of experience and specific knowledge enable us to offer targeted and customized solutions. We act in accordance with the law and within the limits imposed by the legislation in place, particularly in regards to privacy and human rights.

We investigate in order to provide the necessary elements for your defense. Following the investigation, all collected information and evidence is given to the customer along with a detailed written report, which can be used in court.


Corporate investigation services

Investigation services for infidelity

We are members of the Bureau of Private Security and the Committee on Access to Information. We are covered by liability insurance. We guarantee professional service and absolute discretion.


We offer a complete range of services available to you that will meet all your demands for investigations.

  • Harassment, assault and threat
  • Asset searches & investigations
  • Detection of industrial spying
  • Protection of copyright & Trademarks
  • Surveillance
  • IT expertise
  • Interviews and interrogations
  • Wiretap Detection
  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Polygraph
Djaz Baye
Djaz Baye
Très satisfait, l'agent est très courtois et très disponible. Merci encore
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Joe Lassister
Ultra rapide et efficace.
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Ross Szwec
À l'heure. Efficace. Merci!
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Erick Rivest
Le préposé aux empreintes était super gentil, rapide et professionnel !!Photo avec un brin d'humour 😂



    Accredited agency to send electronic fingerprints to RCMP