Securi-Check Group works in the field of investigation, pre-employment checks, pre-rental checks and fingerprinting. We are committed to providing our customers with superior quality products and services within deadlines that defy any competition. We act with the utmost confidentiality, in strict compliance with the law and according to the most rigorous ethics.

Pre-Employment Division

If you want to mitigate risks, you need to know who you are working with.

Securi-Check will help you improve your recruitment and human resources management by checking the contents of CVs and corroborating personal information gathered during job interviews.If you want to mitigate risks, you need to know who you are working with. In fact, our experience has confirmed that some 80% of CVs contain at least one discrepancy.


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CVs containing at least one discrepancy

A simple investigation for future tenants can save you from:

  • Sending registered letters
  • Bailiff expenses for serving notices and procedures
  • Regie du Logement fees and lawyer fees
  • Unpaid rent until a judgement has been rendered
  • Bailiff fees for tenant expulsion
  • Unpaid rent after the departure of a tenant
  • Apartment restoration
  • Costs related to new tenants

Pre-Rental Division

Avoid having to pay thousands of dollars to get rid of a bad tenant.

Looking for the right tenants for your building? You do not have the habit of investigating applicants and you definitely do not want to make the wrong decision since you have heard many horror stories. What to do? Entrust us with the investigations required on future tenants. Avoid having to pay thousands of dollars to get rid of a bad tenant!We also verify the authenticity of the former and current landlords as it may well be a friend of the future tenant who is posing as this said landlord.


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Investigation Division

Our mission is to investigate, monitor, report and testify.

Group Securi-Check can assist you with your private investigations. This service is for companies, professionals and individuals all over Canada. Group Securi-Check specializes in investigations and providing evidence for various issues.


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  • Administrative investigation
  • Absenteeism cases and work injuries
  • Infiltration into workplace
  • Counter intelligence
  • And more…


Catty CCatty C
11:33 11 Dec 21
If you are looking to get your fingerprints digitized, go see Marie-Hélène at the office located in Longueuil. She is very kind, efficientand patient but most importantly, she makes you feels at ease throughout this whole process.
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I fully appreciated the service. Fast, respectful and well organized
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Great service! quick and easy. Thank you.
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She was extremely friendly, welcoming and pleasant to work with. If I ever need to do this again I’ll definitely go to them!
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Quick, easy, fast , very professional. In and Out in 10 mins.



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