Pre-Rental Screening

Are you looking for a good tenant for your property, someone who is honest, reliable,
who not only pays their rent on time but is also able to take care of all the charges associated with rental property?
Among other things, Securi-Check offers pre-rental screening services.

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What does it entail?

Pre-rental screening consists of an in-depth look into the potential tenant’s background. During the check, we are able to detect any false information, verify if the candidate has a criminal record, civil litigation against them or any previous lawsuits filed at the Régie du logement. Based on the results obtained by Securi-Check we are then able to ascertain the candidate’s credit standing and solvency.

In other words, a private pre-rental check provides you with the assurance and confidence regarding your potential tenants and at the same time liberates you from a heavy responsibility and a task that could often times become very tedious. Furthermore, this kind of screening will help you avoid spending large amounts of money getting rid of a bad tenant.

Our offer

To ensure the reliability of your future tenants as well as the accuracy of the information provided to you, Groupe Securi- Check proposes the following:

  • A search through the public archives for any criminal records and civil litigation including at the Régie du Logement.
  • Verification of the candidate’s credit standing and solvency through a credit check which includes establishing their credit score.
  • A reference check from the current or a former landlord
  • Contacting their current employer in order to determine the candidate’s credit standing.

Overall, Groupe Securi-Check is committed to establishing, through different searches, the authenticity of the potential tenant notably by identifying any false information that may have been provided to you.

Benefits of pre-rental screening

Saves you the additional work of:

  • Sending registered letters
  • Bailiff expenses for serving notices and procedures
  • Regie du Logement fees and lawyer fees
  • Unpaid rent until a judgement has been rendered

It allows you to avoid unnecessary fees in:

  • Bailiff expenses for serving notices and procedures
  • Bailiff fees for tenant expulsion
  • Régie du Logement fees
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Unpaid rent until a judgment has been rendered
  • Unpaid rent following the departure of a tenant
  • Costs related to getting a new tenant
  • And much more!


1 service

Credit file & score
(29.99$+tx/2 business hours)

3 services

Credit file & score, criminal and civil Qc
(including the Régie du logement) (49.99$+tx/2-4 business hours)

Catty CCatty C
11:33 11 Dec 21
If you are looking to get your fingerprints digitized, go see Marie-Hélène at the office located in Longueuil. She is very kind, efficientand patient but most importantly, she makes you feels at ease throughout this whole process.
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23:04 21 Oct 21
I fully appreciated the service. Fast, respectful and well organized
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20:58 20 Oct 21
Great service! quick and easy. Thank you.
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15:23 30 Sep 21
She was extremely friendly, welcoming and pleasant to work with. If I ever need to do this again I’ll definitely go to them!
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19:34 28 Sep 21
Quick, easy, fast , very professional. In and Out in 10 mins.



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