Securi-Check | Press release | August 22nd, 2018

New affiliate of Gambit ID

Gambit ID is proud to announce that their newest affiliate, Securi-Check, has satisfied all requirements required to become an RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency and can now submit digital fingerprints electronically to the RCMP for the purposes of Criminal Record verifications.


Today, the majority of RCMP accredited fingerprinting agencies in Quebec currently use ink and paper or antiquated electronic systems to perform criminal record verifications. These methods are both error prone and can lead to extended wait times in receiving the results of the criminal record check.  Armed with Gambit ID’s full suite of leading edge products, Securi-check is poised to deliver the most convenient, efficient, and reliable criminal record check verifications to those in Quebec.  Regarding the new relationship between Gambit ID and Securi-Check, Gambit’s Head of Business, Mr. Robert Murray, said, “We are excited to have added Securi-Check to our roster of affiliates. This serves as a first step in ensuring that those in Quebec, starting with Montreal, can receive both efficient and reliable fingerprint-based criminal record verifications”.


Mr. Murray, who previously worked for the RCMP for twenty-five years, most recently in the role of Manager of the Civil Fingerprint Screening Services and Legislative Conformity for nine years, is no stranger to the frustration that individuals experience when they have had to deal with accredited fingerprinting agencies in the past.  Mr. Murray explained: “Until Gambit ID came on the scene, the only available RCMP certified vendor systems were very antiquated, not user friendly, and error prone.  In fact, many private companies and government departments that have not yet been mandated to perform fingerprint-based criminal record verifications opt for unreliable named-based criminal record verifications. These companies and departments do not understand the risks they are introducing to their organizations by opting for named-based verifications instead of fingerprint-based verifications. By using our flagship products, Gambit ID Scan™ and Gambit ID Check™, our affiliates such as Securi-Check can provide fast and efficient criminal record check verifications without any of the risk introduced by name-based verifications”.


About Gambit ID: Gambit ID is an identification services and biometric company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Their flagship products are Gambit ID Check and Gambit ID Scan.  Gambit ID Check allows both private and public organizations to manage and monitor their employee and contractor criminal record verifications and security clearances.  Gambit ID Scan is an integrated RCMP certified solution that is used to digitize fingerprints and send them electronically to the RCMP for the purposes of criminal record verifications.


About Securi-Check: Securi-Check specializes in the field of investigation, pre-employment background checks, and performing pre-rental screening. They are committed to offering our clients superior products and services, with the fastest turnaround times in the industry and the highest standards of ethics and integrity.



    Accredited agency to send electronic fingerprints to RCMP