Pre-Employment Screening

If you want to mitigate risks, you need to know who you are working with. In fact, our experience has confirmed that some 80% of CVs contain at least one discrepancy. Furthermore, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, more than four million Canadians have a criminal record1 equivalent to 15% of the adult population.

Securi-Check will help you improve your recruitment and human resources management by checking the contents of CVs and corroborating personal information gathered during job interviews.


CVs containing at least one discrepancy


  • Reduces losses/costs
  • Reduces instances of unsuitable hires
  • Reduces employee turnover rates
  • Reduces internal theft/fraud
  • Protects your integrity/reputation
  • Prevents lawsuits resulting from unsuitable hires
  • Ensures a healthy and safe work environment

We offer you a complete range of services to meet all your needs when it comes to background checks and pre-employment screening. We operate a strict confidentiality policy, ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Civil and criminal court record checks

Obtain thorough, detailed legal information including civil, criminal and statutory records. Local, national and international information.

Financial profile checks (credit record)

Obtain information on credit habits, debt repayment and solvency as well as complete credit records and risk scores, so you can make informed hiring decisions and reduce theft, fraud and payment risks.

Diploma and academic record checks
Local, national and international verification.
Reference checks

Check dates, job titles and achievements at past jobs. We consult previous employers regarding an individual’s aptitudes using a standard assessment grid with strict criteria.

Driver’s licence checks (validity and class)

As an employer, it is important to make sure that employees hold a valid driver’s licence in the appropriate class before letting them drive a vehicle from your fleet. This simple check can save you major hassles such as impounded vehicles and related fees.

Status/competence card checks
Description to come.

Securi-Check also works closely with official bodies to provide the necessary proofs for in-depth records analysis.

1 Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) [Online] [http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cr-cj/index-eng.htm] (Consulted May 13, 2009).